Coming in 2017…

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Sometimes you have to step out of the shadows in your own life when you realize that the life you thought you’d be living is not the life for you after all! #truestory


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Independence ~ Self Assuredness 

A Concerning Observation!

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Last night, one of my very best friends treated me to a show featuring Charlie Murphy and D.L. Hughley, with Terry Hodges as the opening comedian as an early birthday gift. Anyone who really knows me, knows that I can just sit and ogle at D.L. for days — he’s been deemed my ‘next lifetime husband’ (snickering)!
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Living: Inhaling/Exhaling & Smiling!

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So FYI ~ a vacation doesn’t always involve sandy beaches/airports or passport stamps ~ but when that word hasn’t been in your vocabulary for 5 years, and you know that it’s time ~ you plan to do things that you’ve wanted for quite a while and you make it a reality! On the day that I created a facebook photo album, I had a date to see a LADY! (a green lady who stands 305 feet and represents much, historically than she does in the light of beauty).
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Do Our Black Lives Really Matter?

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Heartbreaking ~ how can we fight and say that Black Lives should matter to others when they seem NOT to matter to US?! 

Death at Jouvert

No need to apologize!

Posted on | September 3, 2016 | 5 Comments

2016 has not been the kindest. 

I have learned hard lessons about life, and love particularly — matters of the heart. I have also been forced to make harsh decisions about what is best for me, and I began reevaluating relationships — on all levels.

I am not sorry for what I’m feeling. I’m not depressed over what I’ve experienced.

I am no longer expending energy on relationships with family members whom I have previously attempted to establish ties with. If you cannot make time for me, then God bless you and so be it!

Friendships are treasured relationships — to me — but perhaps the importance of friendship is something that only I hold near and dear. That sentiment, seems not to be reciprocal these days. In that area of my life, again I will no longer make excessive efforts.

Romance? Maybe another time!

What can I do?!  

Dust myself off, and keep me in the foreground!

Looking towards more #soloadventures like this…

Great Music Lives On…

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Stuff like this song performed by Jarrod Lawson and Tahirah Memory makes my heart smile…

Proud Woman of Color

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I was challenged a few times ~ what an honor ~ to post 1 picture that represents me being a ‘Proud Woman of Color’ and though you may have seen this particular picture more than once, I chose it again because I continue to emulate the queen whose lap I sat on at the age of 4 (1972). I knew then that I was a Nubian Princess because she was the epitome of black pride. That characteristic was instilled in me throughout the 44 years that were spent with her as my guide ~ and will live on in me forever! I was proud coming up to wear the dashikis, cornrows, afros, beaded necklaces and to be raised in a household where learning about our rich heritage was a requirement, and not an option! I am who I am today based on the shoulders that I stood on to be my bridge.
Thank you, mommy! 😘

An Open Letter from A Loving Mother to Her Only Son

Posted on | May 17, 2016 | 2 Comments

That September 4th morning in 1992 when I realized that my trip to the hospital meant that I was about to bring forth a life, I leaned over the top of the banister at your grandma’s house and cried. I broke into wailing sobs. Thoughts raced through my mind from wondering if I would be a good enough mom to you, to being honored that God would bless me with such a precious gift! And, naturally the labor pains were kicking my tail! 

12 hours of body draining labor, you were here and there was NO turning back!
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Life & Death

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It’s not about the way in which a person departs this life but by how they’ve lived it & the manner that they’ve touched so many others ~ tonight’s tribute to my god brother/cousin, Hassan Jeffrey left me feeling honored to have been a part of his life but saddened that I didn’t know the parts of his life that others shared ~ there was standing room only and many moments when there wasn’t a dry eye to be found ~ but we laughed & laughed at the true reflections of a life lived on life’s terms…
Hassan was a member of a special fellowship built on a spirit of sharing experience, strength & hope and that loving fellowship showed UP tonight!
Rock on, Hassan (you’ll forever be the loving bully in my life!)

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