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People will show you who they are no matter what binds tie you to them.

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The Dash!

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Death comes unexpectedly at times and challenges you to do what you may not have been prepared for. But when your family turns to you to handle business, draw upon your strengths and do it well! Read more


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I see circumstances in my life intertwined with what I’ve come to refer to as #GodMessages. These are realistic directives, instructions or ‘I told you so’ statements that resonate loudly in my conscience that I know God wants me to digest.

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Thanking God for Life’s Moves!

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Morning Thought: When people try to bring your past back ‘at’ you, smile and recognize that it is ‘there’ that you no longer dwell. Thank God for growth, advancement, enlightenment and FREEDOM!

Better, never Bitter!” (A gem left in my spirit at my mother’s memorial service in 2012 by Rev. Preston Harrington Drinks, SBC Baldwin)

Amen 🙏🏾


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No excuses!

Committed but delayed!

Shame on me!

Must do better all the way around!


Grateful for a much needed day off to handle business and hibernate!


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Wakanda Pride

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Still zoning and envisioning my calendar in my mind as I try to think of when I might be able to go in for my 2nd screening. #IJS

Today’s Thought…

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A message from the-inner-soul! #RealTalk #ValueLove #ValueLife #CherishOthers #HereTodayGoneToday #HopeYoureListening #PeaceandBlessings

Wakanda Forever!

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So absolutely impressed with 2018’s Black Panther movie! I’m grateful to have been blessed to share the 3D experience with my inner circle: my son, my niece and my sister.

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Even more of who I’m evolving to be. #soloselfness

The 2017 Wrap Up

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Sometimes you need to share some of your soul with someone to remember how far you’ve come! As 2017 began to wind down, I became exceptionally eager to say ‘so long!

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